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P.U. Bandage

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P.U. Bandage

We are a well-known polyurethane bandage manufacturer and exporter in India. Polyester based fabric coated with water curable polyurethane. This P.U. Bandage is light weight substitute for plaster of Paris Bandage. Our P.U. bandage is accessible at pocket friendly prices.

Below listed are some chief features of our P.U. bandage.
  • It is of variable setting time.
  • It is light weight & porous.
  • It is Xray Transparent.
  • Patient can return to work early.

Dr. Sabharwal's P.U. Bandage (Polyurethane Casting Bandage) is more pliable & soft made especially for temperature climates. It is of high strength & is more comfortable to keep it fresh it has been packed in two shells of aluminium foil & one card board carton individually. It is high strength, light weight, X-ray transparent, patient can even swim after putting it on.

Direction of Use :-
1. Clean the area with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol of Povidone Iodine. Apply some talcum powder, pull the stockinett over the part and apply Cast Padding over it before applying P.U. Bandage.
2. Wear gloves & open the pouch containing P.U. Bandage.
3. Choose an adequate size; Open a foil pouch one at a time.
4. For best result dip the bandage in tap water for 2 seconds, take out of water & squeeze once. For making fast extra setting squeeze 2 to 3 times & for medium setting do not squeeze. If very slow setting is required the bandage may be applied without dipping in water & after wrapping & molding, wet it by dipping gloved hands in water 2-3 times & massaging it.
5. P.U. Bandage should be applied from narrow part towards wide part with the bandage stayed close to the desired area.
6. Make sure do not apply P.U. Bandage with the bandage pulled long.
7. Apply P.U. Bandage in a spiral motion but not with excessive tension.
8. Mold the casted area freely with gloved hands dipped in water.